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        • Mixing/Dispersing/Emulsifying/
        • Low-shear,Transfer,Feeding Pump
          The best pump for
          transfer High-viscous
        • Centrifugal / self-priming pump / magnetic pump

        • mixing/tank/kettle/ vessel pump
        • Fluid equipment manufacturing elite!

        • Rotary lobe pump
        • Rotary lobe pump
        • Sinusoid pump
        • Flat vane pump(No-blocking pump)
        • TRH High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier(Intermittent)
        • TRH High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier(Intermittent)
        • TRS Powder Liquid High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier
        • Colloid mill
        • Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier
        • Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier
        • TRL-H Shear pump
        • TRL-C powder-suction liquid mixing dispersing emulsifier
        Full completely products line of pump and mixing machine,
        with more than 20 years experience of liquid equipment
        production, so we can solve many exactly problems
        of liquid transfer and mixing.
        Good products quality control and customer’s
        feedback, so there are more than TWO
        THOUSAND(3000) customers using our
        pump and mixing machine.
        With 20 years knowledge HOW-TO, we have
        fabricated more than TWENTY THOUSAND machines.
        All standard machine have spare parts in our warehouse, fast delivery for all of products, we promise the standard products can be delivery at once or between two weeks to four weeks.
        Good sales service and after-sales service, we can solve the problems what your worried.

        If you need to get more product information, free trial or need, please contact us.
        Add:No. 839, RD 8, Binhai Garden Area, Economic Development Zone, Wenzhou | Tel:0577-86823027,85825578,85825528 | Fax:0577-86823028 | Zip Code:325025
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