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In less than five minutes you'll discover how people just
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ave you ever wondered why a only small percentage of people become millionaires while everyone else continually struggles from paycheck to paycheck?

What is it that today's wealthiest people have that most people don't?

Could it be that they are better educated, they are smarter, or that they work harder than everyone else?

Maybe they are just "luckier" than most.

Fact is... none of these characteristics in itself are guarantees to financial success!

"Thank You you so much Wendy for being such an instrumental part of Homemade Millionaire!  Your positive energy on camera and off was much appreciated.  The impact you had on the ladies was evident.  You really improved their lives!"

Kelly Ripa,
Co-host of Regis and Kelly
and Homemade Millionaire

If it were as easy as having a good education or being smart, then why aren't most college professors millionaires...

And what about the majority of doctors in the world?

Sorry... Not even close!

So, what "is" the key to having it all?

... Really makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Hang in there... In just a moment it will all come clear to you.

Have You Been "LIED To" All Your Life Or Led Down The Wrong Path By People Who Just "Think" They Have All The Answers?

Many people in society have been told from birth (by "well-meaning" teachers, parents, religious leaders, and the media) that having large sums of money is wrong, insensitive, and in some cases "evil".

Have you ever heard the terms, "dirty money", "filthy rich", or "money is the root of all evil"?

If you are like most people, you most certainly have.

It's no wonder why "most of us" don't become wealthy! It's also no big surprise that most people never get past the average income threshold.

Whether we like it or not, every one of us have been programmed to accept where we are right now...

"Your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world! A lack of money is not a problem, it is merely a symptom of what's going on underneath! The fastest and only way to permanently change your financial situation on the outside, is to first change it on the inside."

T. Harv Eker
Author of the New York Times #1 Best Seller
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Some Called It "Your Financial Thermostat"...

In his book, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", T Harv Eker talks about your "financial thermostat".

It goes something like this...

Ingrained in each one of us is a set point that tells us how much we are worth and how much we "allow" ourselves to make in terms of wealth.

Some have it set on super hot, but if you are like 95% of people today, you have it set too low... you're freezing... you need turn up the heat!

If you could somehow figure out how to control this thermostat, then you can basically set it to whatever temperature you want. It's all about controlling your own financial destiny.

How is this information put into our subconscious?

Well, some people are fortunate enough to have been brought up to believe that becoming financially wealthy is not negative and in fact, it is the only way to live their lives... there are no other alternatives for them. It's a place of security... of warmth.

Whether negative or positive... whether true or false... no matter what, when we are told something or made to believe something over a long period of time, our minds accept it as truth... this is proven fact... it's basic psychology 101!

The problem is, most of our beliefs about money were taught to by others who are "not" wealthy. We might have even been taught by people who have a very negative outlook on life.

It's no wonder why most people aren't living the life of their dreams.

Let me ask you... wouldn't it be nice to live the life of luxury for once in your life... to never worry about how you're going to pay your bills... to live the life you've always dreamed of?

Here's a little advice to get you going in the right direction

If you want to change your future, the first step is understanding where you are right now...

it's all about "self-awareness" and in recognizing that no matter what situation you're in... you can change.

Is it true that we really "can" have everything our heart desires?

It's not as hard as you might think and no, this is not a game of chance... this is "real" - this is your life we're talking about here!

In just a moment I will reveal to you what my little "secret" to success is, but first let me introduce myself.

Today's Date: 
From: Wendy Robbins
To: Those Who Want to Be A Millionaire!

Hi, it's me - Wendy Robbins,
The first thing I want you to know is "I love you".

I know it may seem a little odd having a total stranger tell you this, but it's true...

How can I say this and really mean it without having ever met you in person?

I can say this with all my heart because I have found what it means to love "myself".

It wasn't always this way...

Please allow me to tell you a brief story of how my life was before I discovered the missing ingredient to success and how my findings can affect your life from now on.

There I was, a Fourteen year old girl... I was on my own...

I was much like so many others... lost in a world of uncertainty, living in fear with no where to turn... no direction on where I was headed.

Maybe your life is much like mine once was.

If it weren't for a special woman in my life (one of my school teachers that watched over me), I don't know where I would be today!

Seemed like I was always doing everything wrong, never knowing which way to turn... no direction... no focus.

I had to beg, borrow, and yes, even resort to petty theft just to stay alive.

Later on in life I got myself deep in debt.

Maybe your present situation isn't as crazy as mine once was.

But if you're like most people, you're ready for a change...

You just want to live a comfortable, carefree life ... a life of peace and harmony with your surroundings... a life known to only a select few.

Is this something you be interested in?

My question to you is... are you willing to put away everything you learned... all of your negative beliefs and let someone guide you?

I have literally earned millions...
a system that took me years to figure out....
and I made a lot of expensive mistakes and wasted a lot of time.

That is why I created Sleep Your Way To Success™ and wrote my book "Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One!" I want you to be hand held, to be given a step-by-step blueprint you simply follow and you succeed. My calling or mission is to make sure you are fulfilled, financially free and making a difference.

Fast forward...

Today I am living the life of my dreams... I have everything I need...

I'm not one to brag, but in fact...

I have literally earned millions using these methods
... A system that took me years to figure out

Why would I share this information with you and why should you care?

The answer is easy...

It gives me great joy in knowing that what I do here in this world impacts the lives of others. I love to see how people just like you are able to break away from a life of sadness and unhappiness and can see the big picture...

A life without financial struggles... a life of financial peace!

Perhaps you will give me permission to help you as well.

OK, that's enough about me... let's talk about YOU...

After all this entire message is about you and where you are going in life anyway, right?

You see, a few years ago I was fortunate enough to have discovered some of the "keys" to living a successful life. These are the same fundamentals that every successful millionaire uses to make them rich.

It's actually a financial blueprint of sorts... this is something I want you to understand.

I discovered a little "secret"... One that's been around for centuries to just a handful of people?

It's all about changing the way your mind "operates"
it's all about changing your "financial mindset".

You may have seen a movie called "The Secret"...

In fact Larry King did a two-part special where he interviewed a handful of self-made millionaires who have used this secret to make their millions.

In case you don't already know, the secret is just another name for "The Law of Attraction".

Without having to explain quantum physics and laws of the universe, I will say that the Law of Attraction is probably one of the most powerful laws known to humans, but unfortunately only a small "select" people knows how to harness it's power... but that's all about to change!

Whether you are ready for it or not, there is something going on that you should be aware of. Something that it about to explode on the scenes in society today. It cannot be stopped!

There are subtle changes going on behind the curtains as we speak. What we once knew as the "information age" is now moving into the "AGE OF MIND AND HEART"... the question is, "are you prepared for this change in how we think, feel, and the way we live our lives?

A question I have for you is... do you think most people will be ready for this new way of life or will they be left in bewilderment as others pass them by... in relationships... in success... in wealth?

Sure, not everyone I meet acknowledges or understands this, but it won't be long before everyone does. In fact, it's already taking place behind the scenes.

Have you noticed how there are hundreds (if not thousands) of new millionaires born every year... Is it possible that they have stumbled upon the "law of attraction"?

So, you might be wondering... what is this "Law of Attraction"?

In a nutshell, The Law of Attraction is this:

What ever you think AND THANK about and focus on the most, you bring into your life.

You want more money, better health, great relationships?

You can have this and so much more by applying this universal law in your life, but here's the kicker...

"It's working in your life right now, whether you are conscious of it or not!"

If you think negative, you'll get negative results. If you think positive, you'll get positive results... it's entirely up to you!

Do you remember what T Harv Eker said earlier...

"Your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world! A lack of money is not a problem, it is merely a symptom of what's going on underneath! The fastest and only way to permanently change your financial situation on the outside, is to first change it on the inside."

If you watch the news or sit in front of the television you are constantly being "bombarded" with negativity each and every day... In this fast-paced world we live in, there is no escaping it...

But This Is Where The "Sleep Your Way To Success™" Can Help!

You see, this system was specially designed to reprogram your mind for ultimate success...

Here is what this powerful system will do for you:

Puts your mind in a deep relaxed state, so you can sleep like a baby

Stimulates self-awareness and brings focus into your life

Rids Your subconscious mind of past tragic events and hurt emotions

Reverses negative thought patterns from your subconscious

Attracts new love and romance back into your life with little effort

Creates infinite wealth... the sky's the limit!

Reorganizes thought patterns and help you think "clearly"

Builds a "millionaire mind" within your subconscious

Puts you get in touch with your "inner-self"

Gives you back all the joy you once had as an infant

Teaches you to love yourself... so you can "really" love others

Helps connect you with your mind, body, "and" spirit

Generates and maintains self-esteem you never knew you had

...and so much more!

In reality, these are only a "few" of the benefits this system will do for you... You Are Only Limited By Your Own Imagination...


The "Sleep Your Way To Success™" system actually retrains your mind to believe THERE ARE NO LIMITS, so what this means is...

You will get everything you desire!

In a nutshell, if you're not yet living the life of your dreams and you decide to make the wise choice of using my system, it won't be long before you are living the life of your dreams... it's that simple!

What Exactly Is This System, How Does It Work?

You might be asking, "So Wendy, exactly how is this all done?"

OK, if you haven't already figured it out, here's how it will work for you.

You have heard of hypnosis, right?

Well, this system is much like hypnosis (with a "POWERFUL" twist).

Basically, all you have to do is put one of the three CD's or MP3's in a player and press "play".

Did I mention this system was as easy as pushing a button... Well, if I haven't then, there you go... I've said it!

Sound too easy to be believable? Are you a bit skeptical?

Then keep reading my friend... you'll understand...

The reason why I named it the "Sleep Your Way To Success™" system is because you use it right before you go to sleep... you just pop it in, hit play, and go to sleep... it's that easy!

"Wendy, What If I Have Trouble Sleeping?"

Aah... but this is where my unique system "really" comes through for you. You see, when I created Sleep Your Way To Success™, I realized that some people may have problems with this (did you know this is a common problem among many people?)...

- - but here's the good news...

My System Actually Helps With Sleep Disorders!

That's right...

Like I've already stated, it's not just your "ordinary" Hypnotic system... It's more of a "sleep" mind-development tool.

It is specifically designed to put your mind into an alpha "dream state".

An Added Benefit to the "Sleep Your Way To Success" System!

A few of our beta testers have experience an added benefit to using our system (myself included)... some are even calling it miraculous!

We are finding out that because of all the stress in our busy lives, more and more people complain that they have problems falling asleep...

You see... after using this system, almost everyone that tries it says they have had some of the best sleep they have experienced... ever!

Even people who have had major bouts with insomnia and depression are reporting that it gives them peaceful rest for hours at a time!

As I was saying...

This system has been created in such a way that it puts your mind in a natural alpha state.

In case you don't know, the "alpha state" is the same state of mind you get when you go into deep relaxation or meditation, so if falling asleep has been a problem for you in the past, you now may have some of the best rest you've ever experienced.

Here Are The Three Main Components To This System...

The first MP3 is named "be"
Itís all about healing your inner
child, about having a happy childhood.

Almost all of our negative thoughts and programming comes from our childhood, so this is where the healing begins.

As You may already know, becoming a successful adult comes mainly from having a happy childhood and in the first part of my three part system, we (you and I) help get you there by connecting you with your own personal "dream team".

That's right... You will create your own spiritual mentors that are already locked away inside you... ready to guide you at your beckon call.

Whether you have suffered traumatic experiences or not, this CD helps to "rebuild" your past and "recreate" your childhood memories, making you the happy person that you were born to "be".

In this portion of the system you'll relive your childhood, but in a powerful, positive way!

The second MP3 is called "do"
Here you go into your future and visualize yourself as much older.
This is where you'll find out if you have any regrets. It also gives you insights into you can overcoming any fears and doubts you might have.

In this section I help you deprogram and reprogram your mind from all negative influences that have accumulated throughout your life.

Past negative experiences have a tendency to "push away" positive influences. This section gives you "action" steps and also reinforces your "positive" childhood memories to recreate a new life to get whatever you want out of life.

As you might have already guessed, this is part of the Law of Attraction visualization technique I spoke of earlier.

You will create your new life back in time so that you wake up having action steps to achieve that crystallized, visualized, experienced dream which becomes your new life... your new reality.

This is very powerful, potent way of retraining your mindset. Imagine right now what it will be like when you reprogram your mind and wake up as a the new person you've always longed to be... to have a happy, healthy life... to have abundant wealth in every aspects of your life...

Having no regrets... This in itself will create a life altering (and mind-changing) experience in your life!

The Third MP3 is "have"
It creates a sense of falling in love with yourself.

It is a known fact that in order to have everything you desire in life, you must first learn to love yourself.

I found that people were having such fast success using the first two cd's or mp3's that they were sabotaging their success so I created this so that you keep and grow the money, the happiness, the love you desire and you create a dream team to help you out!  

It is soooo powerful!

This portion of the program helps you do just that. If you remember in the beginning of this letter I made a profound and unusual statement...
I said "I love you".

I wouldn't be able to say this if I didn't learn to love myself first. Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, but many people don't understand this... it all begins with YOU!

Once you have accomplished this, you become very attractive. Not just to others, but to "everything". Once you are able to magnetize everything you want, your thoughts begin to manifest quickly.

It ensures that you are ready and open to receive all the riches in all aspects of your life.

This system is proven... It works!

Here's how to order right now!

To immediately DOWNLOAD your copy of

"Sleep Your Way To Success™"

Plus "Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One!"
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If you have any questions, please email workwithwendy@gmail.com.

Offline Orders by PHONE call 800-293-1984.

If you learn nothing else from reading this report today, this is one thing that you must experience before reaching your goals in life.

"Love is Power"!

Now take all this and "supercharge" it with my own thoughts...

Thoughts that comes from someone who believes in the Universal Law of Attraction... someone with a millionaire mindset... someone who has once stood where you are right now and has overcome more obstacles you may never know.

It trains the mind to stay aligned with your greatness. If used consistently, you will notice results... not months or years...but In a matter of DAYS!

Iíve had people find their soul mate, get a new job, double their income, manifest the house of their dreams, get a green light to produce a television series, etc.

Believe me when I say... It works!

So there you have it my friend...

You can either keep doing the same thing you've always done (and get the same results) or you can make a change... starting right now...

It's really up to you whether you want to take that step in the right direction.

OK Wendy, I'm convinced that it's going to take drastic measures to make a change in my life. So why couldn't I just go to a hypnotherapist to help me through this?

Here's how my Million Dollar Mind is thinking right now... please pay close attention...

When you consider what the hourly rate is for a good, experienced hypnotherapist... what is it?

Let's be a bit conservative... a good $100.00 per hour?

The "Sleep Your Way To Success" system is close to 3 hours in length... let's see, that would be $300.00 minimum!

And what about repeat visits to a hypnotherapist?

Many people who study behavior modification tell you that is takes around twenty one days or a minimum of three weeks for permanent change to take place in your subconscious.

Even though I've made millions, I'm no genius when it comes to math, but this one's easy... having twenty one sessions with an experienced hypnotherapist at $100.00 for each session is what?... $2,100.00???

Wow! ...And what if the hypnotherapist doesn't do his or her job of helping you... what if you don't make any gains?

Do you think there is any chance that you'll get your money back?

The answer is... HECK NO -- NOT A CHANCE!!!

Well, let me tell you, the "Sleep Your Way To Success" system you are about to check out doesn't even come close to this ridiculous price...

Listen my friend, I know I could charge a low price of around $400 and that would be a screaming great deal, but like I said earlier...

I really want to make a difference in your life. I want you to experience the joy that I now experience... to understand what it is like to live a life of abundance, so I'll make you this deal, but...

You Have To Make Me A Solemn Promise!

...you have to promise me that you'll stick to your end of the bargain... is that fair enough?

Originally I was going to charge around $400.00 for this system and it would be a heck of a bargain seeing as you can use this system indefinitely, but I'm not going to do that...

My CPA did some calculating... she knows that I normally charge in the thousands for doing seminars and making public appearances.

I have had the good fortune to co-star with Kelly Ripa on "Homemade Millionaire."  Been on Bloomberg Television (reaches 200 million viewers), CNN, HSN (Home Shopping Network). I am known as an expert. 

Bloomberg even called me "Americas Next Top Entrepreneur!"

Listen, I know money might be tight around this time of year and because of this, I am giving you an instant 50% discount off the price of the "Sleep Your Way To Success™" system... but only if you act now! This is a Limited Time Offer. Oh, and as a bonus, I'll throw in a FREE COPY OF MY BOOK!!!!

I also have a long list of successful friends who that will tell you how THE BOOK YOU GET ABSOLUTELY FREE plus my coaching and speaking has changed lives... here are just a few.

"I am your biggest fan and promoter... I love you, your enthusiasm and dream to serve...YOU ARE A GREAT STORY TELLER... I am elated for you and the world that gets to hear your turned on, tuned in, and totally enthusiastic message... you bless the world mightily-keep up the excellent work... I love you."

Mark Victor Hansen,
Co-author Chicken Soup For The Soul

"Wendy, I loved your presentation at the Women's Small Business Expo. You give women the courage and compassion to strike out on their own, grasp hold of their dreams and create the life they want. You are proof that it can be done! I loved your inspiring speech and authentic ways. Thank you!"

Kelly K. O'Neill
Master Business Coach to Elite Performers
Award-Winning Marketing & Personal Branding Guru
Speaker & Author

"This is a book you've got to read! Just like Wendy, this book is electrifying, mind-expanding, playful, and full of life. You're gonna love this book. Get it."

Bob Allen - Best selling author of "No Money Down" and Co-author of "One Minute Millionaire"

"Wendy is a renaissance woman who is a trailblazing paths for Entrepreneurs. She has a unique ability to blend comedic stories with practical tools for creating business wealth. She is one of the most insightful, powerful, and compassionate speakers in business today.

Ken D. Foster, CEO - Shared Vision Network

Having the Millionaire Mind that I do, I would be crazy not to charge a minimum of $1000.00 per hour, but not today... not for you!

"Sleep your way to Success™" is Normally $197.00 but for a limited time I am making it available for JUST $97. People ask why I make it available for such a little amount of money you know why I do cause I donít want people to have excuses anymore on why their life doesnít work for them. Everyone can afford $97. If any of you are thinking for a moment that you donít have the money then I say to you, you really need this product.

Let me ask you this...

Did You Achieve All That You Wanted This Year?

If you are like me you are saying, "Don't make me work - I just want results!" I understand. That is what is so great about Sleep Your Way To Success. You just go to sleep and I do all the work for you. It doesn't take any time out of your busy day. There is nothing to do. Simply listen to one recording a night and experience the results fast!

I always ask myself what can I offer my clients to reassure them they'll have awesome results even if they're lazy, too busy and that is why this works so well - I re-program your mind without you doing anything! This system does it all for you! No thinking required!!

Imagine the big results you'll have after getting this proven to work system - you'll actually take action to spite your fears! Won't it feel great to have a sound sleep! It'll be awesome to manifest your dreams easily without extra effort, won't it?

I want my clients to feel like they are getting huge value by giving me their money. I give at least 10 times the value! It keeps everyone very happy ;0)

If you get even one valuable idea
because of something you discovered in this book, and hypnotic MP3's
you just recouped your investment.

Need I say more? Now you may be wondering...

"Does Wendy Robbins
have an Irresistible Offer for me???

You bet I do! Read on...

"Sleep Your Way To Success" is not $497 or $397 or $297 or even $197!
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You can't lose with my 100%
ironclad, money back guarantee

If you don't see a dramatic change in your life, whatever it is you are looking to change... Whether you are looking to change your finances, relationships, self esteem,

whatever your life-changing passion is...


All you have to do is return the complete set with no questions asked!

(We offer a 60 day money back guarantee)

Here's how to order right now!

To immediately DOWNLOAD your copy of

"Sleep Your Way To Success™"

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Save $100 TODAY

$97 Today (Regularly $197)

If you have any questions, please email workwithwendy@gmail.com.

Offline Orders by PHONE call 800-293-1984.

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With all my heart,


PS - Take control over your life now... push away all those past "failures" and begin to see great things happen in your life... Only you can make this decision to change... it's all up to you!

PPS - Your future is all about changing your mind set... you can either stay in the same situation you're now in or you can make that change... remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain here.

PPPS - Remember you just go to sleep and I do all the work to change your negative thoughts and beliefs to positive ones.  You will sleep well.  No time in your busy day used.  Just relax.  You deserve it, don't you?  Imagine attracting what you desire easily - how does that feel?  Won't it be sublime to finally have that easily?  Much better then doing it the hard way, right? ;0)

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